Fashion and Style

Are you interested in the latest trends and style? Do you like the combination of health and beauty?

You can find the latest news in fashion by us. Try the latest trends that a French eyewear frame designer Alain Mikli creates, the German brand Mykita from Berlin or Italian Baldessarini.

Untraditional Glasses

Do you like to be different?

You can find here the sunglasses from the highest quality of Japanese titanium, wood, horn, tortoise-shell or from veal, snake and crocodile skin too. Glasses of gold or studded with diamonds. You can also compile glasses according to your own taste and mood.


Royal glasses

Do you want to have the glasses worn by the kings?

Choose from a unique collection of innovative Danish brand LINDBERG glasses, which is the exclusive supplier of glasses for the Danish royal family. These glasses are characterized by extraordinary beauty, exceptional ease and precision processing. DIAMOND OPTIC is in Moravia the only optics that offers these unique glasses.

A pair of glasses for all

Do not you like to take turns or look for your glasses?

Progressive Rodenstock lenses will ensure you that at all distances you will need one pair of glasses. News! Revolutionary progressive lenses Impression 2 as the first and the only one in the world who can correct also astigmatism for near distances. For you, this means up to 40% more comfortable vision than with any other progressive lenses.


The lightest frames in the world

Are your glasses heavy? Do you want to experience the true lightness? 

Try the lightest spectacles in the world - design titanium frame that weighs only 1.9 grams.

Spectacles for business

Are you looking for spectacles that fit perfectly to a suit? Do you need to underline your professionalism and experience at commercial negotiations?

Try rimless Lindberg specs or significant Mercedes-Benz glasses.



Do you ski? Do you ride a bike? Do you dive? Do you play golf? Do you fly in the sky? Do you play tennis or squash? You need to see well and sharply in different lighting conditions and to protect your eyes from injury or just from the sun?

We have the solution and it's all well in your diopters!