Eyewear Insurance

bezpečnostní balíček

How does this programme work?


In case your eyewear got lost or damaged you have the opportunity to get a new identical eyewear for more advantageous and very special conditions. This programme is not applicable for eyewear depreciation caused by daily usage.



  • What are the pre-requisites ?

- Complete Rodenstock eyewear consists of any pair of single-focal or multi-focal lens and an rim brands distributed by Rodenstock comapny.

- Rodenstock single-focal or multi-focal lens themselves.

  • What are the conditions of the programme ?

- in case of eyewear damage you will pay 25% of acquisition prize only.

- in case of eyewear lost you will pay 40% of acquisition prize only.

This programme is provided by DIAMOND OPTIC for all the eyewears purchased and paid once within 24 months period. Exchanged eyewears by using this programme cannot be covered by this programme again in the future.

This programme is a bonus programme not affecting a standard warranty given by the law.