Other Activities

Golf Tournaments

Our lives are not limited by the walls of our store but you can also meet us on several social and sport events where we bring our range of products not only to support all the sportsmen in their activities to reach the top results but also to provide this range of products to all the visitors and attendees. Every single person has an opportunity to pass an eye-screening - a very fast way hot to measure your dioptre - to consult the results and to receive a recommendation which eye-glasses might be the best solution. You can also try each and every eye-glasses directly to see how effectively they could help (you) to reach all the goals.


We are partners of Modrý hroch charity fund (http://www.modryhroch.cz/) established in 2005. This fund helps children after their injury. Modrý hroch fund also organizes a charity golf tournaments covered by popular skier Ondřej Bank. We do participate every year on this event and we are proud to be a member of such a helpful organization.

Golf Tournaments

Make-Up Days

Combination of eye-glasses and women´s beauty itself - these are our make-up days we arrange for our customers regulary. Ladies will enjoy the great feeling of being maked-up by skilled female beauticians. They have also a chance to try and/or select the eye-glasses as well as consult the optimal care of their beauty.

Fashion Parades

We do organize fashion parades for our customers where all the beuaty and current fashion trends are presented in their natural way. These events are arranged and presented within AZ Tower walls in combination with musical background, social networking and hundreds of amazing eye-glasses.


Make-Up Days, Fashion, Beauty