The most accurate spectacles in the world

Until now, everyone has measured corrective values by so-called quarters (0.25 dpt). This year we introduce a novelty to experience as one of the first in the world - measurement with the accuracy of 0.12 diopters. You've never seen so clearly and comfortably!

Eye examination

Would you like to have eye examination currently, but you do not want to wait for months for an examination?

Here at DIAMOND OPTIC it is performed optometry by experienced optometrists - University-educated professionals who provide the most accurate diopter determination. All without waiting and moreover warranted by satisfied seeing. The term of examination is chosen on your own on-line or by phone.


Selection of glasses with camera

You know the feeling when you do not see sharply when choosing glasses?

We work with a special camera that will solve this problem and also allows us to show you before fabrication, how your lenses can be thin.

Messenger Service

Do you need your glasses to tighten, repair or clean up, but you do not have time to visit optics?

Messenger is a service that's not a problem! Our courier service will come to the office or home to pick up your glasses.